OTTF – Spiral of Accountability

Today, probably more than ever, our people face adversity, change, confusion, and uncertainty. In the Spiral that is called the Fog. As veterans or family and friends of veterans, how do we manage the fog?

The Spiral of Accountability™ takes the complex dynamic of human self-talk and human interactions and simplifies it into a visual representation that allows the readers to identify, name, and understand what is going on with them and the people around them. It then shows a pathway towards improving their reactions.

In this session we will:
• Review the various aspects of the Spiral of Accountability
• Discuss how to recognize Spiral Up and Spiral Down behaviors in ourselves and others
• Learn how to reframe ourselves and help others to Spiral Up

You are not alone and we want to give you and your family and friends the tools and resources to Spiral Up so that suicide is never an option or thought.

Join us to learn how to fight for yourselves and continue to propel up!

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OTTF – Spiral of Accountabililty