2021 Winter Games – Bar Hop

Join us for our



Register with us at the Spillway. We will have a list of our FOUR participating bars for you at registration. At each participating bar – find one of our OTTF members to play our Winter Game. Each bars game will be different. Some will require you to depend on your own skills and some will make you pair up with your hopping group (Or Strangers) to play! Each games rules and raffle ticket prizes will be listed at that bar. ( NO cheating here you must go – to know!)

This year is the easiest ever. Sign your waiver – snap a picture of the bars – and go! Each bar help will give and collect your raffle tickets. The OTTF member at each bar will bring the tickets back to the Spillway after games close at 11:30 PM. At MIDNIGHT we will start to draw our winners. Because we aren’t filling out tickets you MUST be present to win.

Raffle items will be valued in the $25 range. Each bar will have a drink special too!

Suggested donation to participate is $10 per participant. Each participant will get an OTTF koozie. Please pay in person. The bars will be in no order you may go where you want in the order you want. The games are different at each location and so are the number of awarded raffle tickets. Want to buy more raffles – You can at any bar. They are only $1 each.

Please visit our ABOUT page to find where our proceeds go. 2021 will be listed soon. (But are close to 2020.)

Spillway – Registration
Bar – 1 = Come
Bar – 2 = to
Bar – 3 = find
Bar – 4 = out!

We are here to support our vets. We will continue to push forward no matter what.


QUESTIONS? Email our VP | alicia@operation22tilfreedom.com

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